Lessons Learned in Clinical Supervision Training

Clinical Supervision training, Recently, I offered my flagship Intro to Supervision course. As I reflect on this course offering, I am struck by a few learnings of my own:

1. Supervision is hard: After years in the field, I cannot take this fact for granted. Providing effective supervision is both an art and science, necessitating a level of self-awareness and vulnerability by the supervisor. It’s hard work!
2. There remains a novelty to supervision: Despite a surge in research, I am struck by students in awe over the material and the realization of what supervision “is supposed to be”.
3. There is an appreciation for the inherent responsibility of the role: Unexpectedly, I sat with multiple students as they reflected upon their readiness for the role and their recognition of the “weight of what’s at stake”.
4. Relationship is key: Every single participant recalled a moment where their past supervisor impacted them deeply –both positively or negatively.

I am undoubtedly looking forward to the next supervision offering, where we can collectively advance the field through reflection, research, and authenticity.

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Jillian Papineau