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Our Story

Jillian is a compassionate individual who possesses a deep desire to help others and contribute to the growth of therapists. She is characterized by her empathetic nature, a genuine concern for the well-being of others, and a strong belief in the power of therapeutic support – for both client and therapist! She completed her PhD studies in 2018 with a focus on therapist development through clinical supervision.  She has worked in the mental health field for over a decade as a registered psychotherapist (#003476), supervisor, clinical manager, and mentor.

Jillian's passion for helping people is evident in her commitment to facilitating the growth of therapists. Recognizing the pivotal role that therapists play in the emotional and mental well-being of individuals, she is dedicated to creating a supportive environment for them to thrive. Jillian understands that therapists, like anyone else, benefit from ongoing learning and professional development, and she actively seeks ways to provide resources and opportunities for their growth.

Thus, Culminate Counselling and Supervision was born. The Culminate group of services is designed to reduce barriers to access, provide high quality care to clients, while also providing a safe and nourishing environment for therapists to grow.

In the words of Jillian: to forever learning.


Our Services


Meet with a caring professional to explore and address emotional, behavioural, or psychological challenges.


Our trainings programs are available for our students or other practicing professionals looking to increase their competencies or obtain Continuing Education Credits.


Our trained supervisors provide quality clinical supervision tailored to meet your unique learning needs. With multiple supervisors on the team, you can find a fit that best supports your growth and development in the field.

"This was one of the most comprehensive trainings I have attended in a long time. I thought it would take a while to get through it but I found myself eager to continue and move onto the next module. The articles were all relevant and an interesting read. Anyone considering providing supervision to others should definitely take this training course before working with supervisees"

- Z.C, Foundations of Supervision Learner, 2023

Services Offered 7 Days a Week
Virtual Training Services Available with Space for Over 100 Students at a Time
Years of Combined Experience
Over 6000 Sessions Offered