Group Supervision

This semester, I am teaching Group Counselling Psychology at City University in Canada.

As I reflect upon the healing power of relationships and the intricacies of group dynamics, I am reminded of the importance of group supervision. Often experienced by trainee therapists, group supervision has the potential to provide an enriching learning environment.

Did you know there are specific models, interventions and techniques for group and dyadic supervision settings? Learning specific models can provide a framework to structure your supervision sessions –dyadic, group, or individual!

Other helpful tips, as well as leadership characteristics to be mindful of include:

Preparation: Have a clear agenda for each meeting and general goals for the group as a whole
Clarity: Ensure every member is aware of the goals for the group, as well as their roles, responsibilities, and rights
Belief: Believing in the group process with the understanding some growing pains are a natural part of group cohesion helps function
Courage: to be vulnerable, admit mistakes, and address concerns

And finally,

Dedication: “the best teachers are always learning”

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Jillian Papineau