Ongoing Growth

Commitment to ongoing learning is a beautiful responsibility in this field. As a supervisor, you are tasked with encouraging both your own ongoing growth, as well as promoting that within your supervisee. In fact, the supervision process has been seen by some to be key to lifelong learning and fundamental to furthering self-awareness.

You may have noticed our slogan “to forever learning”. This mindset guides our clinical practice and professional goals: learning as a lifelong process and something that we will always strive toward. It derives straight from my PhD research interviews.

How might you encourage lifelong learning in your supervisees? Some considerations include:

– Developing goals in supervision for learning
– Encouraging reflection on clinical work/experience
– Engaging in self-assessments (as supervisee and supervisor!)
– Maintaining a sense of curiosity and openness
– Oh, and don’t forget about self-care!

Of course, there are many ways to encourage growth and development in supervisees. Is there anything you do in particular to maintain a connection with the field and promote your ongoing growth? To forever learning.

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Jillian Papineau