Self-Care for the Therapist

Clinical work in the helping professions is particularly challenging, leaving counsellors at higher risk for burnout and feelings of self-doubt.

#Supervision plays a critical role in supporting counsellor professional development and wellness maintenance. The restorative function of supervision is key to burnout prevention. Most importantly, many strategies for #wellness can be easily integrated into your supervision practice as ongoing reminders to our supervisee (and ourselves!) of how important it is to have a #selfcare practice.

Some strategies include:

– Maintaining realistic expectations of ourselves
– Taking breaks!
– Developing interests beyond work
– Reflecting on what a work/life balance means to you
– Ensuring moments to ground yourself before sessions
– Debriefing with others when needed
– Taking guilt free holiday time!

There are many more strategies that may support clinicians in burnout prevention.

Is there anything you do in your supervisory practice to support your supervisees in maintaining their wellness?

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For more information on the tips provided above, see:
– AIPC – Reflective Practice, Supervision & Self-Care Report
– Maslach C. (2015). Burnout : the cost of caring. Malor Books.

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Jillian Papineau