What can you expect from therapy as a client?

Going to therapy can be intimidating. The therapeutic relationship is one-sided: you share your experiences with someone you know very little about. 

This experience of vulnerability is why it’s suggested that all therapy students spend some time on the other side of the “couch.”

What Is The Therapy Process?

You may be curious about the process if this is your first time going to therapy. To begin, you reach out to our admin.  This sounds easy, but often, there is a lot of build-up to this point! 

It is hard to take that first step, and we recognize it!  That is why we try to make the process quick and easy and answer any questions you may have.

Whether you are looking for support with anxiety, depression, career issues, family relationships, or couples counselling, our initial screening process will support you in being connected to the best-fit therapist.

Your matched therapist will then contact you for an initial call to walk you through the online system and find a date to meet.

They will explain what forms you must complete, how to connect to the system, and how long sessions typically last. They will also review confidentiality, fees, and some basic directions for care.


Finally, you meet with your therapist. They will guide you through your first appointment and ask you questions to explore your experience. 

You don’t have to share your full story – unless that’s something you want to do!  Your therapist will match your pace and check in to see if the care direction meets your needs.

What questions do you have? Reach out or schedule a free consultation to explore more.

Remember: someone starting therapy is up to something big.

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Jillian Papineau