What to expect when becoming a supervisor?

What’s it like to become a clinical supervisor?

After interviewing new supervisors with varying clinical backgrounds, we learned that assuming the role necessitates quite a shift in thinking. These new supervisors explored their sense of responsibility, care for their students, and at times, feelings of self-doubt.

The good news is that we also learned about helpful strategies to support in this shift. Four tips to help new supervisors assume the role include:

1. Remember that experiencing an initial sense of shock in the role is quite common! New feelings of self-doubt arise and that’s ok.
2. To help with these strong feelings, have a solid peer support network. Connect with other new supervisors and engage in supervision of supervision.
3. Courses on supervision supported these new supervisors and provided a framework for practice.
4. Finally, remember your self-care strategies!

To forever learning.

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Jillian Papineau